How to ski in style

I seem to be leaving everything to the very last minute in my year-abroad prep (I’ve got to page 3 of the Year Abroad Guide booklet that we were given in March). It just today occurred to me, as I was wandering the high street, to pop into my local Black’s and check out some of their cold weather gear. I am very susceptible to the cold, and if I am to be clambering over mountains while in Switzerland (which I plan to do), I really ought to be thermoed-up for it.

Skiing is top of my list of things to at least try. I did one class of dry-slope skiing in year 7, which involved a practically horizontal slope, the length of which we were allowed to ski down once. Needless to say, I can’t really ski. I also have no clue what to wear. From my mother I have inherited an unused pair of black leather skiing gloves, which will definitely be useful, a pair of grey waterproof skiing trousers, and a bright scarlet beanie hat. None of them match.

It’s probably a little late in the day to be planning ski outfits. I’m leaving in 9 days (whoop whoop!) and have more important things to be doing. But… now I’m fixated on this. I have googled ski outfits and observed some alarmingly sleek and stylish ensembles. Surely no-one, aside from professional skiers who have tight, hi-tech streamlining fabrics, skis in leggings? You’d freeze!

Still, I, who once abhorred fleeces and those colourful, panelled waterproof jackets, am now hankering after a bright pink North Face fleece, and a windstopper to boot!

Even if I don’t end up going anywhere near a mountain (well, relatively, as you’re never far from a mountain in Lausanne), I ought to make thermals my new best friends. For some reason I seem to have it in my mind that nowhere will have central heating and I will be perpetually huddled in three fleeces, with longjohns on under my jeans. Much as I love winter for the stylish winter-wear (everyone looks so much better covered up in a smart coat, no?), I might just end up trudging around in a pair of wellies, fleece and raincoat. Function over fashion, darling.


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