Departure demain and all a-dither

I used to think planning too far ahead was wasted energy, that everything falls into place without needing to over-worry oneself with minor details.

HA! The last few days have been highly…whatever is the opposite of relaxing. Granted, I think (pray) that I now have everything I need to move my life to another country, but it was a close one. It’s only ok to be relaxed (i.e. complacent) if you have been relaxedly preparing things months in advance.

So, tomorrow is the day of departure. I now have no clue what to expect. I have been told variously that Switzerland is a wonderful place, so diverse and advanced and clean! Oh but they’re completely racist and sexist there – as a woman I will be expected to stay at home and cook and clean, and god forbid I’m a foreigner… The Swiss are really chilled out and friendly…but they’re really uptight and weird and rude.

It’s amazing how people can make these wide-sweeping verdicts of an entire people – even a relatively small one like the Swiss. The above contradictions are a perfect example of how inaccurate, unfair and pointless these judgements can be. Besides, it’s all relative, depending on what one’s opinion of “uptight” or “friendly” is. It also depends on where you are because even in a place as small as Switzerland you will have regional variations – perhaps especially in a place like Switzerland.

Culture shock is a guarantee anytime you visit foreign shores; an open mind is a must. So I guess I best steel myself. Though, let’s be honest, Switzerland’s probably going to be better than England.

Just joking. Kind of.


3 thoughts on “Departure demain and all a-dither

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