Money can’t buy me love…or much else, it would appear…

Now, I’m one of those people who doesn’t particularly like to talk about money. I find it slightly gauche. I hate people who are miserly, and god forbid that I might appear so myself. However, I think miserliness is something I need to start cultivating right about now, because stuff here is so expensive that if I do not drastically reduce my standard of living I risk actual bankruptcy.

I know, I know. What did I expect? Switzerland is an expensive country. The refrain was all too familiar. But hearing vague mutterings about things being “expensive” is very different to the reality of standing with your mouth hanging open in a “low-price” supermarket, staring at the price label for a plastic chopping board that reads 20chf (roughly £15). I have found myself seriously considering whether I really need things like a colander, or soy sauce, or toilet roll. I mean, come on! How could I not need soy sauce?!

A bottle of commercially produced light soy sauce

I saw Magnum ice creams on sale for 5.50chf. 5.50!!! Heart attack. In England I feel somewhat fleeced when I pay £1.30 for one! One doesn’t risk sounding cheap when talking about the pricey-ness of everything; that’s what normal people do here. But I’m  adjusting to the shock. There’s more to life than money. Plus I’ve been eating a healthier diet than I have in months, now that things like alcohol and junk food have become a commodity (allthough you can get surprisingly good Swiss chocolate here for cheaper than in England).

The stress of start-up costs aside, I do love it here. It really is a great place. People say the Swiss are cold, but I think they are lovely! So I encountered some rather strange, abrupt women today in the accommodation office, but I reckon they are an exception, and they were still helpful! Plus…ok, let’s be honest. The people here (both guys and girls) are hot. Makes the crowded morning Metro ride a bit more interesting anyway…

I’ve also been having entire conversations in French. It’s amazing. I’ve been told I don’t have an English accent, which a) I don’t believe and b) could be a good thing, but might also just make me look retarded when I come out with broken sentences. In any case, I’ve only had one day of actual university life, so I don’t feel like I’ve even scratched the surface yet.

Next post: fun/bizarre things I have encountered en Suisse…

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