The presidents of India and Switzerland totally came to uni today….

Unfortunately I didn’t get to actually see Pratibha Devisingh Patil, or Micheline Calmy-Ray. (Incidentally, why do they both have such long names?) Instead we were treated to loads of ominous-looking security guards standing around campus, and the blockading of some paths.

How awesome that two female presidents were somewhere nearby, doing their thing on my university campus while I nodded off in French class. “Their thing” being inaugurating “une chaire Tagore” (according to Swiss news). That means they were either unveiling a pulpit, or a new professorship (I’m working on the language, yeah?!).

The visit also marks a kind of economic accord between the two countries, with Switzerland presenting herself as India’s door to the European market. Now, as you know I’m majoring in French and Classics, not Economics, so I’m not going to pretend to know what this means for the Indo-European (or indeed global) economy. Just a fun fact for you.

Also, I repeat, two female presidents. It’s not Cameron strutting around with, I don’t know, Sarkozy, Carla dangling from his arm. We got two ladies at the helm. Ya’ll know what song I’m about to burst into… All together now: who run the world…?


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