You get arseholes wherever you go….

I’m having a ball here, and I tend to look at Switzerland and the Swiss through heavily rose-tinted spectacles. I am not, however, completely deluded. You get connards (arseholes) everywhere in the world, and here is no exception. A Saturday night downtown, everyone drunk and groups of creeps on the prowl…and you get to see the uglier side of things.

My personal space was totally invaded tonight by an idiot in McDonald’s (yes we were in McDonald’s) who actually sat his bum right on my seat. While I was still on it. He picked on the wrong girl. Apparently my curt “excusez-moi” and elbowing him off the seat wasn’t enough to deter him, because after slipping off he tried again. I was having none of it.

There’s no denying being an Chinese girl, in a group of other girls who are largely Asian and/or small, helps things not one bit. On at least two occasions this evening we had men calling “konnichiwa” or imitating Asian accents at us. I responded with the finger, but sadly I’m in the minority. This evening threw up two things for me. One: even in one of the best countries in the world you’re going to get low-class racism and general arseholic-ness. Two: yes us girls are vulnerable, but we don’t have to take it; people will pick on us because they think we are easy targets. If we show them that we’re not, we’ll get less shit. Only one of my girlfriends spoke up for me when the creep was trying it in McDonald’s, but that was all it took; he backed off. That friend was Asian, which brings me onto another point about racial stereotypes, but that will be my next post…

In the meantime, I was treated on the metro home to a guy suddenly throwing up. That end of the train cleared pretty fast. Alcohol and excess; a universal reality.

3 thoughts on “You get arseholes wherever you go….

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