Santa Baby, hold off just a little longer…

As Noël speeds its way irrevocably toward us in a hail of tinsel, an avalanche of mince pies and a miasma of gratuitous consumerism, I find myself wanting to slow down time, and maybe even close a few already-opened advent calendar doors. Time is the most precious gift of all, and it’s slipping rapidly through our ERASMUS student fingers.

The first semester has whizzed by, and saddest of all is knowing that a large number of exchange students, including some of the best friends I have made here, will be leaving at the end of it. Even I, with the prospect of another (longer) semester ahead of me, feel like I don’t have enough time here.

We recently had the last “pubnight” of the year; that is, the weekly social for exchange students in Lausanne, which changes location and theme each week. This final party took place in what seemed to be a cosy barn hidden in a forest, to which everyone brought a dish from their country and shared in an international buffet. Though I didn’t quite make it to the club afterward, it was a spectacular evening, and summed up the diversity and sheer high jinks that encompass being on exchange.

Is Christmas really only two weeks away? It has crept up all too soon, before even the first falling of snow on the streets of Lausanne. Much as I love the holidays, I’d be quite happy to hold it off a little longer if it means I can have more time with the friends who are leaving, not to mention more time to revise for the copious exams looming ever-closer…

In the meantime, there is plenty on offer in Switzerland, Christmas-wise. So let’s all bundle up and do some outdoor ice-skating, huddle over mulled wine at the Christmas market and attempt to bake some traditional biscuits de Noël. Our time together is limited, so let’s profit of it while we still can.

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