In defence of Valentine’s day

Roses are red

violets are blue

I love V-Day

and so should you!

I have always loved Valentine’s day, since a young age. True, I’ve been single for the majority of the ones that I’ve lived through, but that never stopped me enjoying it. So it doesn’t quite trump Christmas, but still, what could be nicer than a holiday simply celebrating…love?

Too often Valentine’s day is met with a groan and a “not that crap again!” It seems to me that most singles lament the holiday, either slipping into depression or becoming bitterly defiant, organising singles events and coming over all anti-Valentine’s. But why? We shouldn’t begrudge others’ happiness, it doesn’t reduce our own. And that’s provided they are happy; the last time I was coupled up on Valentine’s day it wasn’t actually that pretty… Plus it’s probably those same bitter singles who are the first to jump on the Valentine’s bandwagon if they happen to be with someone and rub it in all their single friends’ faces. Something not quite right/balanced about that…

Then there’s the whole Valentine’s-day-is-a-commerically-driven-money-trap argument. True, but then aren’t all holidays nowadays anyway? Sure, you don’t need to choose one particular day of the year to show you love someone, but then surely you don’t need to exchange gifts at Christmas if you’re a good Christian? But it’s still kinda nice to do, n’est-ce pas? Get in the spirit of things, people! (And don’t be so damned stingy!)

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure this is the first Valentine’s I am spending outside of the UK, at least in my memory. Valentine’s day is certainly a thing here in Switzerland. There are tasteful red, pink and heart-shaped displays in most shop windows, though it is slightly less of a bombardment than it is in England. No doubt a reflection, once again, of a calmer consumer environment.

So this year I will be sporting some red lipstick for the occasion and soaking up the love in the air like a dummy, and you should too (well, not necessarily the lipstick part if you’re a bloke, obviously; unless you fancy it of course…). I’m totally in love right now anyway, with this bonny country known as Switzerland, so I’m in the right place this Valentine’s. Today all buses in Lausanne’s front LED signs have a heart shape and read “les amoureux”. How cute can you get?

Today, show your friends and family some love, not just your other half. Oh, and bonne St-Valentin!


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