Delighting in Blighty

So I’m back in England for a period of about 40 hours before flying off again to visit the fambam in China, and have really rather a lot to do and should not be blogging… but I can’t help when the blog Muse moves me. Or perhaps this is just another symptom of my very modern malady: an inability to disconnect.

In any case, it must be said that though I was not exactly dragged home kicking and screaming, I did come away from Switzerland rather reluctantly; I was just getting into the swing of the second semester, and enjoying the fine weather and barbeques. Mind you it was raining when I left Lausanne, and it’s lovely and sunny here in London. And in fact, though the crowds and bustle immediately started to stress me out when I landed yesterday, today I’m actually rather enjoying England.

It’s the little things you don’t realise you missed, until you encounter them wandering down the high street. Red post boxes; English accents everywhere; Waitrose; the fact that everything seems affordable (even Waitrose feels bargainous); meat products proudly declared “born and bred in the west country”; chavs bopping along in their tracksuits holding loud conversations on their mobiles. Ok, maybe not the last one so much…

Then there are magazines that actually cost less than 10 francs (about £7.50); cover stories featuring Kate Middleton or Alesha Dixon; that annoying electronic voice at the self-service checkout saying “please place item in bagging area”; cheap, low-quality food abounding in every direction; fat people.

Seriously, you just don’t get these things back in Suisse…


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