Spring Fever

There’s something surreal about lying by the lakeside, basking in the warm spring sunshine, and still being able to see snow on the distant mountaintops. And being the only non-German in the vicinity – but that’s personal to me (and an increasingly common phenomenon in my life these days…)

Springtime in Lausanne; I’ve been looking forward to it ever since the mercury dropped to my horror to -14° in February. Now, two months on and the sun is in full glorious blast, and all anyone wants to do is toast themselves by the lake. Unfortunately the work seems to be piling on thick just as the clothes are thinning down and the sunscreen and shades are coming out.

Spring fever seems to either mean a decrease in energy and vitality (also known as Frühjahrsmüdigkeit – try saying that ten times in a row!), or the opposite. I’m supposed to be studying, but this weather appears to have a soporific effect as soon as I hunker down to hit the books (definitely Frühjahrsmüdigkeit). However, I never seem too sleepy to enjoy a drink in the great outdoors at our favourite expat bar, or to take a long stroll along the lake. I guess I have selective spring fever.

In any case, I know I’m not alone. I defy you to find one person who is not deliriously delighting in the beau temps right now. Springtime has brought back out the sheep on campus, the magnificent mountain views, barbeques on the beach and the license to not  check anything into the compulsory cloakrooms in nightclubs.

C’est génial.


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