Like all students, I have a perfect procrastination tool at my fingertips: the Internet, and more specifically, Facebook, Youtube, TV series, you name it. But I am even more fortunate to have the excuse of a blog to keep up-to-date also. If you are a student and you are reading this…you are probably procrastinating too, right? Well, I’ll try to keep it short so as not to keep you too long from your studies. But I can’t make it too short, because then you’ll feel like you haven’t procrastinated enough, and will find something else, much longer, to read… See, I know how the psychology works…!

For students here in Lausanne, assignments are piling up and exams are looming closer; I can see it in the haunted look that is starting to cloud the eyes of the youths around me. From what I can glean of my peers’ tortured statuses on Facebook, all students at all universities around the world are in a similar situation. So you’re not alone. You’re just another lazy student who needs a kick up the backside to get into work mode.

This weather, as I have mentioned before, is. Not. Helping. Lethargy-inducing at best, work-abandoning-pull-outdoors at worst, the blazing sunshine makes me wonder what idiot decided that the academic year should start in September, and that exams should happen at the first blush of summer. Depressing hardly begins to describe it.

If you’re not a student and you’re reading this, fear not, our generation is not completely lost. I know some incredibly motivated students (who procrastinate too, OBVIOUSLY, just not as much), and I would count myself amongst them. Apart from this year, where all my work seems to consist of… well, learning French, which is kinda what I am doing all the time regardless… I never stop working, me!

It is genuinely remarkable, bordering on magical, the number of ways students have found to procrastinate. It’s such a talent chez most students I know that if only there were some kind of real use for this skill, a way of harnessing this ability to the good of mankind and combining the force of it, we could probably save the world. Unfortunately, in reality, procrastination requires neither skill nor energy (more like a lack of both), and there’s only really one solution: Get the fuck on with your work.


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